Metalcraft Industries, Inc.

We’re a total-solutions, contract manufacturing partner—the only metalworking firm in Colorado with premium CNC machining, stamping, and sheet metal capabilities under one roof. We work with all alloys (including titanium) as well as pre-finished materials.

Our third-generation, family-owned business was formed to support some of the most recognized brands in the world like Kodak, General Motors, Singer, and Xerox. In each generation, family members have learned the business from the ground up, typically beginning as apprentices and journeymen, before taking on production and business leadership positions.

The sustaining legacy of Metalcraft Industries is one of partnering with each customer, large and small, throughout the lifecycle of their projects. The interaction is seamless but built around these distinct steps:

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Phase 1

We’ve partnered with hundreds of engineers on thousands of metal parts. Just tell us what you’re thinking of and we’ll help you design it to reduce costs and avoid quality issues before production. The earlier we can work with you, the more value we can add.

We’ll explore many design considerations, including those related to:

  • Materials
  • Tolerances
  • Repeatability
  • Cost-drivers
  • Supply chain
Phase 2

Metalcraft is a high-volume facility offering precision metal parts production. We’ve invested in CNC and NC machinery to maintain the highest quality and most cost-effective processing—offering lights-out 24/7 operating capability.

Of course the best equipment must be operated by talented technicians, and much our success is due to how we carefully recruit the best people in spite of the “skills gap” affecting so many American manufacturing companies. These team members share our vision of leading the American Manufacturing Revolution with customer partnerships, innovative solutions, and attention to quality and detail.

Phase 3

After production we’ll take the next steps like adding wire harnessing, performing high-level assembly (welding and bolting), placing a sticker, or performing finishing work like painting, polishing, plating, powder coating, heat treating, and anodizing.

Our goal is to provide assembled parts that our customers can take from the box directly to their assembly lines or ship directly to their customers. We’ll also manage Just-in-Time delivery.

We serve a wide range of customers across the U.S. and Canada especially in:




Green Tech & Renewables




Our Essence and Commitment

Our hiring and performance review processes mirror some closely held beliefs that brand our company. They were captured and articulated by a diverse group of our team members in 2015.

Mission: Metalcraft Industries Inc. commits to a safe environment where innovation is vital, and professional development is essential to the personal growth of our associates. Our team proactively engages our manufacturing partners to create innovative solutions that drive success and strengthen relationships. Our associates are continuously pushing the limits of manufacturing by supporting and motivating each other. While supporting a blended work-life balance, Metalcraft encourages its associates to pursue their dreams and passions. The company shares the success made possible by its team, and rewards the men and women who have dedicated their lives to the American Manufacturing Industry.

Vision: Metalcraft Industries Inc. will lead the American Manufacturing Revolution as the premier partner in creating innovative solutions, resulting in the overwhelming success of our manufacturing partners.

Core Values:








Metalcraft Industries Inc. HistoryMetalcraft is a third-generation metalworking company. We’re a family business in the best sense of the word—each successive generation of company leaders learned the business from the bottom up.

Our heritage stems from Rochester, New York in the mid-1940s when two cousins, Joseph Caschette and Alfred Zillioux, left Eastman Kodak to form their own tool and die shop. The company, A&J Tool and Manufacturing, quickly grew from primarily serving Kodak to offering tool and die and fixture products for iconic companies such as Friden (later purchased by Singer Corporation), Rochester Products (a division of General Motors), and Haloid Company (later called Haloid Xerox and then, of course, Xerox).

Genesee Wester Inc.The company, renamed Genesee Metal Stamping in 1969, was next led by Joseph’s two sons, Jerry and Jack. Jack began with the company in 1963 as a journeyman tool and die maker. Over time, the brothers expanded the company through acquisitions in Texas, Tennessee, and Colorado.

In 1983, Jack moved his family from New York to Colorado, where he purchased several metalworking operations, including Denver-based Wester Tool & Die (renamed Genesee Wester). Jack spun off Genesee Wester to form Metalcraft Industries, Inc. in 2001 and began transitioning the operative control to his sons Darrin and Larry that same year.

Over the next decade, the company continued to expand, including the acquisition of two metalworking companies in Washington State. Those facilities are operated today as a wholly owned subsidiary, Northwest Metalcraft, managed by Darrin, while Larry runs Metalcraft’s Denver operation.

Larry Caschette

Larry Caschette


Manufacturing is in Larry’s blood and his DNA. He and his brothers worked in the family business after school, running presses and working in the tool and die room. After serving as a tool and die apprentice, for four years, Larry moved on to key roles in purchasing, quality control, production management, and finally executive management since 2009. Larry served eight years with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves while attending Colorado State University, where he earned a degree in Industrial Technology Management. In addition to being a third-generation metal worker, Larry is a third-generation bee-keeper.

Cynthia Conduff

Cynthia Conduff

Vice President, Finance

After spending her early professional years in a small CPA firm, Cynthia transitioned to the manufacturing environment, working with several firms for 15 years before joining Metalcraft in 2002. Cynthia not only manages the accounting and finances at Metalcraft, she’s also responsible for Human Resources. “That really keeps me busy because we’re growing and we have a culture of providing our team members opportunities for training and personal development,” she points out. Initially a part-time employee, Cynthia grew with Metalcraft. “That’s what’s really nice about our firm,” she explains, “there’s opportunities to take on new challenges and expand your role.” Cynthia enjoys outdoor activities in the Colorado mountains, traveling, and attending theater performances and concerts in and around Denver.

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

Quality Manager

Mark joined the Metalcraft team in 2014 after nearly 25 years in the automotive and aerospace industries. His career has centered around quality systems management and quality control, and he continues that focus at Metalcraft, maintaining the firm’s ISO certification and helping reinforce a continuous improvement culture. "When my wife and I decided to move to Denver to be closer to family, I had the choice of working with several manufacturers. I liked how Larry described his vision for the company as one of moving forward, expanding capabilities and supporting team member potential.” Mark enjoys spending time with family (including “plenty of grandkids”), supporting Crimson Tide football (he’s an Alabama grad), and participating in outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and golf.

<strong>Pam Brian</strong><br>
Customer Service

Pam Brian

Customer Service

Pam is essentially the customers’ liaison to our shop floor. After receiving orders, she helps schedule jobs and then works closely with the Purchasing, Quality and Logistics teams to coordinate and keep things on track. Pam joined Metalcraft in 2007 after working as a training coordinator for Carrier West. “Shifting from the distributor side of things to manufacturing was a challenge but it’s really been a fun change,” she says. “Some days, I just pinch myself and say, ‘Wow, we make some really incredible things!’” In addition to enjoying time with family and friends, Pam and her boyfriend “play with trains” (her description!), maintaining a G-Scale train system in their backyard and actively participating in local train clubs.


Chris Lindenberger

Project Engineer

Chris began his career in the U.S. Coast Guard where he served in Vietnam and was decorated by both the U.S. and South Vietnamese governments for his combat service. After completing his service, he earned degrees in both mathematics and business management while working as a journeyman machinist. He has worked as a process and project engineer for over twenty years and is currently the lead engineer at Metalcraft, (since 2011.) In his spare time, he teaches precision machining, metrology, and engineering at Front Range Community College and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing at area corporations.  Chris writes blogs, op-ed pieces, and fiction or for various online publications.


Heather Somervill

Business Development Manager

Heather has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Kettering University, formally known as GMI (General Motors Institute). She worked for the automotive industry in Detroit for a couple of years and though she liked being a product engineer, she quickly realized that she was better suited to getting out from behind the desk, talking to people, and helping them solve problems. She went back to school, earned an MBA at Oakland University, and shifted into business development. Her work in technical sales eventually brought her to Colorado. She has worked for a wind turbine parts manufacturer in Castle Rock, as well as a manufacturing startup in Golden before landing at Metalcraft. She has three kids and is an avid coach for their soccer, basketball, and lacrosse teams. She also volunteers at Girls Inc. and their STEM program Eureka! where she helps girls experience focused learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math.


Axel Marrocco

Business Development Representative

Axel Marrocco will help you with the total cost of delivery, not just the cheapest part, but the best value Metalcraft can deliver.  Well connected internationally, and with a hands-on approach contributing to 20 years of product development, stamping, and machining experience. Axel, the son of an inventor, earned a manufacturing degree at Colorado State University and an MBA from the University of South Carolina. He worked as a project engineer at McClaren Engines, a prototype manager at Davis Industries, and  founded a trading and outsourcing business in South East Asia. In 2015,  he led industry collaboration for the creation of RMIT University’s supply chain program in Vietnam. He is happy his wife and son have found a home within the extended Metalcraft family.