Metalcraft Industries, Inc.

We’re a total-solutions, contract manufacturing partner—the only metalworking firm in Colorado with premium CNC machining, stamping, and sheet metal capabilities under one roof. We work with all alloys (including titanium) as well as pre-finished materials.

Our third-generation, family-owned business was formed to support some of the most recognized brands in the world like Kodak, General Motors, Singer, and Xerox. In each generation, family members have learned the business from the ground up, typically beginning as apprentices and journeymen, before taking on production and business leadership positions.

The sustaining legacy of Metalcraft Industries is one of partnering with each customer, large and small, throughout the lifecycle of their projects. The interaction is seamless but built around these distinct steps:

Phase 1

We’ve partnered with hundreds of engineers on thousands of metal parts. Just tell us what you’re thinking of and we’ll help you design it to reduce costs and avoid quality issues before production. The earlier we can work with you, the more value we can add.

We’ll explore many design considerations, including those related to:

  • Materials
  • Tolerances
  • Repeatability
  • Cost-drivers
  • Supply chain
Phase 2

Metalcraft is a high-volume facility offering precision metal parts production. We’ve invested in CNC and NC machinery to maintain the highest quality and most cost-effective processing—offering lights-out 24/7 operating capability.

Of course the best equipment must be operated by talented technicians, and much our success is due to how we carefully recruit the best people in spite of the “skills gap” affecting so many American manufacturing companies. These team members share our vision of leading the American Manufacturing Revolution with customer partnerships, innovative solutions, and attention to quality and detail.

Phase 3

After production we’ll take the next steps like adding wire harnessing, performing high-level assembly (welding and bolting), placing a sticker, or managing supply chain for finishing work like, painting, powder coating, plating, anodizing, heat treating, and other special processes.

Our goal is to provide assembled parts that our customers can take from the box directly to their assembly lines or ship directly to their customers. We’ll also manage Just-in-Time delivery.

We serve a wide range of customers across the U.S. and Canada especially in:




Green Tech & Renewables