Great manufacturing starts with efficient process planning and quality machines. That’s why we continually update our machine shop with the newest technologies to stay at the forefront of our industry. 

Our modern state-of-the-art CNC mills will exceed your manufacturing expectations. We regularly calibrate our mills and maintain stringent factory specifications. This means our mills can handle high-production quotas and very tight tolerances.

CNC Machining Services

Metalcraft is the most diverse metal manufacturing shop in Colorado. Our shop can perform:

  •       5-Axis Machining 
  •       Vertical Milling 
  •       True 4-Axis Horizontal Machining 
  •       Much more

CNC Machined Parts

Our “Done in One” Process

We produce many of our machining products via a “done in one” process. We use one machine to take your materials from their raw state all the way to finished goods.

Through our seven decades of experience, we’ve found that “done in one” accomplishes several objectives: 

  •       Increased Efficiency
  •       Precise Accuracy
  •       Superior Part Quality
  •       Streamlined Production 
  •       Fewer Setup, less cost
  •       Stress-Free Project Management 
  •       On-Demand Parts

These objectives give us a competitive edge that we pass on to our clients. Furthermore, our streamlined production allows us to be extremely waste-conscious.

Communication and Collaboration

We pride ourselves on data-driven solutions and a higher communication standard. surveyed engineers to find out what they disliked most about working with machine shops. “Lack of communication” was their number one complaint. 


We keep you informed through every aspect of the production process through frequent, proactive communication. 

Any questions or concerns? Reach out to us. We’ll let you know we’ve received your inquiry within an hour. We will then consult with our team to address your question. Finally, we will work with you to resolve your request.

Please visit our shop anytime to watch us make your parts and check out our high-tech machines. We’ll gladly show you how these innovations improve designs to help your bottom line. 

Shorten Lead Times, Increase Quality, Achieve Repeatability

Metalcraft can help you early in the prototyping and design phases to shorten lead times, increase quality, and streamline repeatability. Our team’s experience assists with Design for Manufacturability (DFM).

Overpromising hurts us both. We understand specifications, materials, processes, design (even datums and GD&T), and are eager to collaborate on realistic solutions. 

Speed, Versatility, and Efficiency

We’re not here to slow down your deadlines or limit what you can accomplish. Our shop has multiple employee shifts expediting workflows and increasing machine uptime, and we can machine most alloys and exotic metals, as well as advanced materials

With our roots in metal stamping and production value work, we specialize in repeatable products rather than one-off productions. That’s what makes us experts at driving costs down.


Why Choose Metalcraft

Learn with us, improve your products, reduce your price, and ease your quality concerns. You understand your product and we have seven decades of manufacturing knowledge. Together we can devise great solutions.  Contact us today to start your build.

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