Our clients span across industries and look to us for innovative manufacturing solutions to their most challenging projects. We partner with industry operators including, but not limited to:

    • Aerospace

    • Military Defense

    • Renewable Green Energy 

    • Manufacturing (Yes, we supply our own industry, too)

    • Medical

    • Lighting

Drawing from decades of experience, we tailor manufacturing processes to fit each projects’ individual specifications. Don’t see your industry listed above? Reach out to us, then read on to learn more about our expansive capabilities. We are confident we can realize your product’s full potential.



The aerospace sector relies on Metalcraft for services such as:

    • Machining and cutting precise aircraft parts
    • Heat-Treatment 
    • Knowledge and processing of alloys and exotic metals like Inconel, Hastelloy, and Nomex honeycomb

Our manufacturing processes reduce risk, shorten lead times, and keep costs competitive, helping aerospace operators meet deadlines and advance their aircraft builds.

Military Defense

We are a trusted supplier to Tier 1 and Tier 2 prime defense supply chain partners. We produce components, assemblies, and weldments that are used by prime suppliers in final products, like aircraft, vehicles, missiles, munitions, satellites, and more. 

    • Weldments
    • Seating
    • Weapons components, sub-assemblies
    • Vehicle components
    • CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) Finish
    • Space and Satellite 

When lives are on the line, precision and consistency are crucial. We machine many of these components through our superior capabilities

Our open-door policy means we’re ready and waiting for your questions and feedback. The better we can work together, the more successful your projects’ outcome. To us, that translates to safer citizens and soldiers alike.

Renewable Energy

Environmental health and safety is not just a box we check. It drives our daily operations. That’s why we’re proud to serve the renewable energy sector.

Renewable Energy

We produce massive parts for wind turbines through intense machining processes involving vertical turning centers. This allows us to create large flanges, gain tight flatness tolerances, and grind precision parts, all while maintaining accuracy and speed. 

Green Technology

Our work in the energy sector doesn’t stop with wind turbines. We have experience fabricating, stamping, and machining parts for:

    • Solar Panels 
    • Geothermal Heat Pumps
    • Hydrogen Fuel Cells 
    • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Most green technologies rely on meticulous assembly and manufacturing to work. For example, electric vehicles typically run on hydrogen fuel cells made of delicate parts with zero margin for error. This is where a premier shop, like Metalcraft, comes in to support not just the manufacturing process, but sustainability as a whole.


Industrial factories, mills, kitchens, and even shops like ours need specialty machines to operate. We fabricate parts for manufacturing companies that build complex products such as:

    • Printing Machines
    • Construction Equipment
    • Agricultural Equipment
    • Coin Stamping Machines 
    • Processed Food Machines 
    • Robotics
    • Computers and support equipment

From our sales staff to our machinists we are all metal manufacturing professionals. Our experience keeps us at the cutting edge of the Colorado market, and we’re honored to be a trusted resource for our own industry.



We manufacture parts for many medical appliances including:

    • Heart Rate Monitors 
    • X-rays Machines 
    • Hospital Beds 
    • Bedpans
    • Stethoscopes 

Larger, more complex equipment including MRIs and CT scanners are built with a variety of parts featuring aluminum, copper, and exotic metals.

Manufacturing for the medical sector is a serious responsibility. Our health care clients rely on us for precise parts so doctors and nurses can provide treatment without the worry of machine malfunction, and patients can focus on getting healthy. 


Lighting fixtures require many detailed metal parts. We manufacture parts for both commercial and industrial light fixtures comprised of:

    • Stamped Aluminum and Carbon Steel
    • Brass
    • Copper 
    • Stainless Steel

Why Choose Metalcraft?

For a machine to run, its parts must work together. We know Metalcraft is one part of your product’s big picture, so we prioritize collaboration and responsiveness to reach innovative solutions as a team. Contact us today to start your build.

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