Definition of Terms-Feature Control Frames

By Chris A. Lindenberger | Mar 15, 2018 | 0 Comments

Today our featured GD&T term is “feature control frames.” We at Metalcraft decided some time ago to put together a glossary of sorts. It will be alphabetized in proper fashion but as various terms are added they will not be added in A to Z fashion, but more in order of importance, or more importantly, […]

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Definition of Terms-Rule #1

By Chris A. Lindenberger | Feb 15, 2018 | 0 Comments

Rule #1. In the world of engineering drawing there is an infinite amount of complexity to be detailed. All over the world there are parts and mechanisms that are dreamed up every day and for many of them there is a need for the assurance that a particular design will be flexible enough to work […]

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Definition of terms- Actual Mating Envelope / Related and Unrelated.

By Chris A. Lindenberger | Jan 22, 2018 | 0 Comments

Actual Mating Envelope – The Basics Actual mating envelope is a term that refers to a machined / manufactured part’s feature of size “as is” condition. To define what that means specifically, we need a specific individual part to talk about. The reason for that is when you have a part, or bunch of parts, […]

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The Language of GD&T

By Chris A. Lindenberger | Sep 13, 2017 | Comments Off on The Language of GD&T

In today’s installment I want to talk about the language of GD&T and perhaps a little about basic geometry and how shapes fuel our thoughts. Any language, to achieve communication, must somehow capture a physical method, accomplishable by our bodies, to change a thought or imagined image, into a physical presentation of some kind. Put […]

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GD&T Fundamentals

By Chris A. Lindenberger | Jun 21, 2017 | Comments Off on GD&T Fundamentals

Having received feedback about our GD&T blog, I am writing material responding to requests to go over the basics. I can appreciate a reader’s desire for basics from the standpoint of people who learned the convention over the course of their job’s daily routines of making parts and seeing what works and sometimes what doesn’t. […]

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